What about South of France?


Whether it’s Nice, Monte Carlo or Cannes, luxurious would be the best word to describe all. It’s the elegance and sophisticated simplicty of each location that screams out the word FRANCE as you walk the streets. The term ‘casual’ could not possibly exist in the French dictionary, and it’s not about what it is you are wearing but how you wear it.

In Cannes you find the fresh air and the relaxing beach one is after on a holiday, Monte Carlo is a stand of it’s own and as lavish as any city could be, and in Nice you find elements of both.

If you are going to visit those cities I suggest you pack your high heels, scarf and red lipstick, it’s only fair!



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2 responses to “What about South of France?

  1. polytravels

    Thanks for the tip! Cannot wait to visit these 3 cities in Jan 🙂


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