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Three years ago I walked through the doors of St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City and today I walked through Hagia Sophia’s door in Istanbul City – what do these two have in common you ask?
Both were defining moments, speechless really, the richness and exquisiteness of each site cannot be comprehended but must be seen.

Built in five years only, Hagia Sophia with it’s unique golden colours and lavish calligraphy was once an Orthodox Church, later converted into a Mosque and today is a museum. Sultan Ahmed Mosque is the second largest in the city and was only built in seven years. Rustem Pasha Mosque, blue as blue can be was only built in two years. It’s unimaginable how such little time is taken to build such incredible sites, oh but they say without a touch of faith it would have been impossible.

If the above is not enough to amaze you, it’s the history and the lifestyle remains of the Sultans found at the Topkapi Sarayi Muzesi that will blow your mind. Nonetheless, it’s the natural beauty and vibrant atmosphere of the city that makes it what it is.

I could write about this for days but a picture tells a thousand words!


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