A weekend in Beirut

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It’s one of those things, early hours of the morning, standing on a high bench at the world’s famous Sky Bar in the middle of the crowd overlooking Beirut city, enjoying the autumn breeze with London Grammar few tables away, and all you need is a deserving song, one that’s vibrating at the same frequency as you are.

Buzz of excitement and sound suddenly attack your ears and memories flash before you as Lana De Rey sings ‘hot summer nights, mid July, you and I were forever one’, a moment when you feel more connected with the world and yet more in your own world at the same time – that’s what you call an atmosphere.

But before this happened, allow me to backtrack…

They call it Paris of the Middle East; Beirut is a hidden treasure and one of the liveliest cities in the world. A nation of class and beauty, its culture is diverse and its people are full of life. If you looking for something casual head to ‘Mar Mikael’ to enjoy the bar scene and mingle wit the locals, then be sure to end up at ‘Decks’ for a dance. Alternatively to experience the formal Lebanese scene, you are to check out ‘Iris’, a roof top bar for dinner and drinks and perhaps ‘Sky Bar’ for a big night out.

You will want to cure the late night hangover so no Manoush is going to let you down, but for the ultimate French breakfast experience it’s ‘Paul’ that you need to get a taste of. That was the weekend, what a normal weekday in Beirut looks like is yet to be determined.



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2 responses to “A weekend in Beirut

  1. Rima

    Ahhhh sounds fabulous over there! And you got to see London grammar after all 🙂 enjoy my love xx

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