Canto Della Terra


∴ Si lo so, Amore che io e te, Forse stiamo insieme, Solo qualche istante, Zitti stiamo ..

Last night I was in the presence of pure talent and greatness as Andrea Bocelli’s thickly voice shook the arena as though silence was the only noise. His music is transcendent and romantic; I’m convinced that the illiterate could understand it and the deaf could hear it.

If only I could write what I really wanted to write but I’ll leave it to him, he says, ‘look at this world spinning with us, even in the dark look at this world spinning with us, giving us hope and some sun, sun, sun’.


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One response to “Canto Della Terra

  1. Rima S

    lovely ! He is pure talent indeed! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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