Fortune telling


It’s interesting you see, out of curiosity and a bit of fun I decided to have my cup read properly for the first time. After four attempts to scull down the bitter beans I was finally able to flip it over and let my fate dry into place.

As I picked the cup I immediately glanced at my aunt’s face, she seemed a little puzzled. With hesitation she laughed and said “Well, you young lady have a lot happening, be cautious”. By no means am I a believer, nor do I take this seriously at all but I wanted to know more so I asked her to processed. In the midst of the grid there were three main points: –

  • A lady trapped in a bottle
  • Eyes, faces, snakes and one wolf
  • One new experience – unclear in the shadows

I’m unsure about all of the above; although she did make a fourth point which is quiet accurate, but if I tell you I’d have to kill you.


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