Koenigsegg CCX

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 7.46.24 AM

By no means am I a car enthusiast nor do I know much about their functionality and I do tend to sway more on the superficial side on this subject, therefore the Koenigsegg CCX is one to be spoken about.  By chance I came across an article this morning that has ranked the car in the top fastest cars in the world so my industry knowledge is surprisingly okay.

Externally the design screams out trouble so I had a thought, what would I do if I could get my hands on one for just an hour (not to be greedy).

Firstly, I would have to choose a classic model to keep it simple, black exterior and beige leather interior. As a rite of passage I’d have to wear tight black leather pants and tie my hair up to give it the respect it deserves, thirdly I would rev up the engine just for a laugh, and finally speed off so fast on a limitless highway until my 7.00am alarm clock begins to ring and it’s now time for work.

Here’s a positive, at least I didn’t get caught !


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