Too soon..


Some might say it’s too soon but today I received my 2015 diary that I ordered a few weeks ago. Those that know me can verify that I am a tiptop planner, however as I started to fill it in and for the first time there was nothing of my own planning but two concerts that I have been patiently waiting for.

As I flip through the pages I begin to mark down the celebrations and events of those that are dear to me. They consist of engagements and weddings plans, mysterious hens parties, birthdays, all solidifying moments in each of their lives. Then I attempt to mark my own, and what do you know, my 26th birthday is the only event in there. Now normally this would raise alarms and cause a ‘youthful’ panic, but just for a second I have never been more comforted to have blank pages that I am yet to write it in.


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