Lost stars


Before you start reading I’ll stop you there, if you are planning to watch the movie then I’m about to ruin the most important scene in the film.

Greta & Dave are singer/songwriters and ex lovers. Despite the fact that he does her so very wrong she has forgiven him but asks for the smallest most significant favour -not to remix their original song. Hopeful, and excited she watches him perform and in a split moment she sheds tears of disappointment as he remixes the song over and over again to please the crowd.

Her view reflects lack of authenticity and betrayal and his view shows reality. Why do we have to mould to the rules of society to fit in and make it big? Can you make it if you refuse to adapt and for how long?

You see it’s not about the song, in fact his remix was much better than their original version but it’s his weakness that overpowered his conscious at the end, so he failed her and set her free.


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