When in Bangkok

Let’s get this out of the way, Bangkok would not be in my top cities to visit but there is good in it. I feel a bit conflicted opening this blog story in this way because it’s almost condemning the city as a whole but that’s not the case, it’s just a different idea of ‘relaxation’.

Truth be told, I went there for a short visit for work purposes, but boy we had a blast. We took a Tuk Tuk around the chaotic city, it’s a concrete jungle, a place where I made a vow to never complain about Sydney traffic again.

If you happen to visit and are looking for something to do here are my recommendations:

  • Shop till you heart drops in MBK Shopping Centre, your standard designer shops and places to eat.
  • If you are after a market experience, visit the Pratunam Market, an overwhelming spot for clothes, jewellery, shoes, anything and absolutely everything.
  • Fancy a little fancy? listen up. Head to the So Sofitel Hotel, have a few cocktails at HI-SO rooftop bar followed by a delightful fine dining experience at Park Society.
  • Best of all, jump on a Tuk Tuk, pay the driver double, warn him about how much you value your life and to pay EXTRA ATTENTION to this thing they call road and from then he will take you around the ‘Hidden’ spots of the city for shopping.
  • At the very least, end your trip with a Thai Massage – your hotel should have one.
I understand, this isn’t the full Thai experience but had 2 full days. If you’ve been, where would you recommend?

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What is it really that inspires you?

The topic of ‘Inspiration’ seems fitting for a January month and it’s been a while since I’ve been ‘inspired’. We’ve all thought about our new years’ resolutions which often stems from something we saw, or read, or a person we want to be or not be like or whatever the reason might be.

I’ve had friends talk about Michelle Obama’s new book which has inspired them, others are literally working their butt off to get a good butt, I, on the other hand just want to dedicate any learning time to possibly memorising anything that Nazar Qabbani might have ever written, read or touched (with help from my boo Kazim, sorry Zee).

How could anyone describe love stronger than these words?

It sounds nowhere as beautiful as it was if you only understood Arabic, but it says because of you my women have aged, and I’ve left my history behind, and I’ve wiped my birth date, and I’ve cut all my veins – so perfectly dramatic.

I’ve been gifted a book that has touched my soul, and so I’m inspired to rewrite it, translate it and just talk about it. I wonder if he has any idea how incredible he was, how could something be so good?!

He should be the reason you want to learn Arabic

Or understand Arabic

He is the reason I continue to want to write Arabic

His words are the darkest vision and the brightest beautiful

He is my all time #inspo

Tell me, what and when inspires you?

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A Weekend In Bowral!

Berida Hotel, Bowral.

A year ago on this same day, I had woke up earlier than usual knowing I was going to commit to my forever. My forever decision has me sitting at this moment typing away with light seeping through the curtains, listening to the sound of him lightly breathing and the swish of wind outside in the cold town of Bowral.

Having been to Hunter Valley few times we decided to venture out so we choose the Southern Highlands as a destination to celebrate our One Year Anniversary as it captures the elements of getaway and most importantly had the wineries we all look for.

What to do if you only have one or two days here? 

  •  Stay at the ‘Berida Hotel’ – absolutely gorgeous. It has me wanting to turn my whole house Baby Blue and Navy with lots of Chandeliers (sorry boo).
  • Visit The Press Shop for Breakfast – a very cute cafe.
  • During the day, drive to Wineries. Recommended are the Centennial Vineyards, Cherry Tree Hill & Bendooley Estate (this one is a library / restaurant so you can book in advance to eat).
  • Walk around the town and visit ‘Dirty Jane Bowral’ if you’re after some Antiques, trust me, you’ll definitely end up buying someone else’s junk.  That’s not all, whilst there are few places to eat, we choose the ‘Bistro Officina Restaurant’ for dinner. The food is delicious, romantic atmosphere and if you’re staying at Berida Hotel it means you don’t even need to drive.

One final thing, yes, it is freezing so don’t forget your warm clothes. Now, if you’ve been and I haven’t covered something you’ve loved / must do, do let me know!

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