A Weekend In Bowral!

Berida Hotel, Bowral.

A year ago on this same day, I had woke up earlier than usual knowing I was going to commit to my forever. My forever decision has me sitting at this moment typing away with light seeping through the curtains, listening to the sound of him lightly breathing and the swish of wind outside in the cold town of Bowral.

Having been to Hunter Valley few times we decided to venture out so we choose the Southern Highlands as a destination to celebrate our One Year Anniversary as it captures the elements of getaway and most importantly had the wineries we all look for.

What to do if you only have one or two days here? 

  •  Stay at the ‘Berida Hotel’ – absolutely gorgeous. It has me wanting to turn my whole house Baby Blue and Navy with lots of Chandeliers (sorry boo).
  • Visit The Press Shop for Breakfast – a very cute cafe.
  • During the day, drive to Wineries. Recommended are the Centennial Vineyards, Cherry Tree Hill & Bendooley Estate (this one is a library / restaurant so you can book in advance to eat).
  • Walk around the town and visit ‘Dirty Jane Bowral’ if you’re after some Antiques, trust me, you’ll definitely end up buying someone else’s junk.  That’s not all, whilst there are few places to eat, we choose the ‘Bistro Officina Restaurant’ for dinner. The food is delicious, romantic atmosphere and if you’re staying at Berida Hotel it means you don’t even need to drive.

One final thing, yes, it is freezing so don’t forget your warm clothes. Now, if you’ve been and I haven’t covered something you’ve loved / must do, do let me know!

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I just can’t help myself, this is how I see Layla.

I do promise, it is one of the greatest songs ever written & sung.

This intoxicating mixture of him and her has created a unique and world – class music scene.

After all, Nizar Qabbani has touched it so this modern verse of the ancient tale of Layla is the epitome of all that is romance.

If you read into it it becomes so sombre, but that’s not even the point, I mean just listen.

I’ll trust you to trust me.

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I’ve guac you covered!

I visit Mejico just to eat their Guacamole (minus the Coriander which is a flavour I struggle to understand why people like). There is no doubt that their guac would still taste better than mine for some reason or another, BUT if you really wanted to give it a go here’s the what and how …

What you need? Avo, Lemon, Onion, Chilli Flakes, Salt, Pistachios, Olive Oil & I’d substitute the Coriander for Parsley if really required.

How? Here are the basic steps. If you try it please do share your thoughts on this. Was it successful?

Guac 1

Step 1: Scoop the avo in a bowl

Guac 0

Step 2: Add Chilli Flakes

Guac 2


Guac 3

Step 3: Get an onion

Guac 4

& chop it finely

Guac 6

Step 5: Add Pistachio

Guac 7

Step 6: Don’t forget the salt

Guac 8

Step 7: Voila, you’re done. Smash it all together and add some Olive Oil

Guac 9

bon appétit!

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